History (Reversed)

2018: We were listing nearly 400 galleries and museums. In October the website was removed and the app is no more. Powering down...

2016: a new version of the website. The app should be vastly improved later this year too.

In 2011, I updated the site to give each gallery its own page. The aim is to keep the site simple, useful and specific to London galleries so I’ve retained the original list format meaning you can still jump directly to the site you want. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving any aspect.

Sometime in 2003 I started collecting London gallery links because I often had trouble finding the websites for galleries that I wanted to visit. Things have improved since then but I still find some galleries can be hard to pick out in google results and too many sites still make basic visitor information hard to get at (some even show themselves in the wrong place on their own map!). After a couple of years, that first page of links on my own site became so popular that I decided move it to its own domain in 2008.


This site originally intended to make it easier to get basic information on London galleries and museums and provide links to their websites. It was simple. It offered free listing to galleries.

Sorry! This site is no longer operational.

Built and run by Gary Alexander.